Why MedServa

About MedServa

MedServa GmbH is a privately held networking company located in centre of Europe in Freiburg / South Germany, between Basle and Strasburg, founded in 2001.

We support small/medium sized HEALTHCARE companies with innovative products in internationalising their business in Europe, from Lisbon to Moscow, mainly CE Medical Devices, Nutraceuticals, Dermocosmetics and OTC products.

Our aim is to reduce “go to market” time and costs for both partners in generating sales thus "Creating healthy business" in true win/win mode. We are not a consulting company, our focus is to produce sales opportunities.

  • Why MedServa as a partner

    • Market know-how through local expert network – speed and flexibility
    • Relationship marketing (know-who)
    • Customer tailor-made concepts, fast roll-out in Europe 
    • Saving marketing administration expenses 
    • High flexibility (virtual organization)
    • Discretion  – partners could remain in the background
  • Benefits for the product owner / innovator

    • reduce ‚time to market‘ – early sales for high potential products
    • reduction of fixed costs for partner acquisition, travelling, market analysis
    • ? t time = ? €uro - opportunity costs for unrealized export chances
    • faster return on investment; R&D, decreasing cost of production, scale
    • economies
    • leverage from a harmonizing market in European Union