Business Activities

About our Business Activities

We scout for product innovations for self-medication, which have already made some consumers and patients happy.

In addition, companies request us to find them partners and new sales opportunities. Every month of not accessing further markets creates “opportunity costs”. They do not appear in the balance sheet, but exist. 

Our aim is to find you the right hands for your product, creating win/win situations and fruitful partnerships. To fasten the go-to-market process and reduce boarders.

What is different with Medserva?

More sales create scale effects and savings in production as well as pay back of R&D fixed costs. So we are proud not creating “costs” to a company and this  makes our business model different from banks who charge you more just for simply give you money.

  • Create & be open to Opportunities  - BE INTENTIONAL
  • Take advantage of Opportunities – BE GRATEFUL
  • Give Opportunities to Others – PLAY IT FORWARD