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Where to meet:

18/19.04.24 NicholasHall CHC event Rome - 14.-16.05.23 VITAFOODS /  GENEVA -  08.-10.10.24 CPHI Milan  ...  and any time by TEAMS / Skype /Zoom or any other system

  • Welcome to MedServa!

    ...creating HEALTHY business

    MedServa GmbH is a privately held networking company located in centre of Europe in Freiburg / South Germany, between Basle and Strasburg, founded in 2001.

    We support small/medium sized HEALTHCARE companies with innovative products in internationalising their business in Europe, from Lisbon to Moscow, mainly CE Medical Devices, Nutraceuticals, Dermocosmetics and OTC products.

    Our aim is to reduce “go to market” time and costs for both partners in generating sales thus "Creating healthy business" in true win/win mode. We are not a consulting company, our focus is to produce sales opportunities.

  • Company Objectives

    Creating Win/Win collaborations

    • To help innovative healthcare companies to extend the market window
    • To open business opportunities by linking partners
    • To offer attractive health products and portfolio optimization for partnering companies

    To consider the needs of three levels of Customers: the manufacturer, the buyer and the user, thus ...  "Creating healthy business"

    E-mail: marketing@medserva.com
    (best way to reach us as we travel 50-70% of our time)

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    Sales Opportunities for your Success

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