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451 C&C-ALLERGY - ALLERGIC SYMTOMS PREVENTION / DUST MITES - patented spray to eliminate mites and reduce allergy causing excrements (CE)

547 C&C-ALLERGY - DRY COUGH - syrup, marshmallow root mucilage which coats oral and throat mucosa, decreases irritation (CE)

697 C&C-ALLERGY - INFLAMED THROAT - spray, soothes and reduce oral cavity inflammation (CE)

802 C&C-ALLERGY - BACTERIAL THROAT INFECTION - lozenges / pastilles with patented microbiotic ingredient binding and eliminating streptococcus pyogenes (CE)

525 C&C-ALLERGY - ALLERGIC RHINITIS -nasal spray for mucosal barrier to prevent contact of pathogens and allergens, avoiding nasal symptoms (CE I)

181 C&C-ALLERGY - RHINITIS thixotropic nasal spray emulsion for the treatment of viral, bacterial, and allergic rhinitis and catarrh (CE)

744 C&C-ALLERGY - EARACHE - spray and drops for ear cave hygiene, to remove ear wax, prevent irritation and inflammation (CE I)

745 C&C-ALLERGY - COUGH/SORE THROAT - syrup with honey, propolis and botancial extracts (DS)

746 C&C-ALLERGY - NASAL HYGIENE - hypertonic solution 2.5% with chamomilla, preservative free (CE I)

747 C&C-ALLERGY - NASAL CONGESTION - unidose vials hypertonic solution 3%, direct or nebulizer, also for altered mucocilary clearance (CE IIA)

748 C&C-ALLERGY - NASAL DRYNESS - nasal spray, isotonic with Dead Sea salts, dexpanthenol for nasal hygiene, congestion and colds, dry sinus (CE I)

749 C&C-ALLERGY - MOUTH SORE - oral gel for discomfort by cankersore, aphtae, irritated gums (COS)

750 C&C-ALLERGY - NASAL CONGESTION/RHINITIS - unidose resealable vials hypertonic solution 3%, direct irrigation or for nebulizer (CE IIA)

751 C&C-ALLERGY - RHINORREA/FLU - nasal spray isotonic solution and N-acetyl-cysteine, methyl-sulfonyl-methane (CE I)

711 C&C-ALLERGY - COUGH / THROAT IRRITATION - oral solution with snail slime for protective mucus action, all type of cough (CEIIa)

5 C&C-ALLERGY - CHRONIC SINUSITIS - nasal spray with instant effect, patented with clinical studies (CE)

556 C&C-ALLERGY - RESPIRATORY DISCOMFORT - pocket size salt inhaler, nasal and bronchial version for relief in respiratory discomforts (COPD, congestion, sinusitis, bronchitis, asthma, hayfever etc) (CE)

93 C&C-ALLERGY - RHINITIS - herbal nasal spray, immediate effect, no sides effect if used longer time (CE)

119 C&C-ALLERGY - HOARSENESS - lozenges for dry cough and sore throat - moisturises irritated mucosa, Soothes dry cough, alleviates sore throat (CE)

178 C&C-ALLERGY - COUGH/THROAT IRRITATIONS range of syrup, drops and effervescent tablets with ivy leaves (PH)

123 C&C-ALLERGY - SURFACTANT DISORDERS - inhalation solution for by substituting phosphatidylcholin (CE)

61 C&C-ALLERGY - ALLERGIC RHINITIS - nasal spray to support the surfactant system for rhinitis sicca, allergy and viral defense (CE)

366 C&C-ALLERGY - FLU DEFENSE - preventive nasal spray for first sign of cold and flu (CE)

58 C&C-ALLERGY - DRY NOSE - Spray, itchy nose, rhinitis sicca based on sesame oil, cough/cold virus prevention (CE)

625 C&C-ALLERGY - CONGESTED NOSE - patented nasal spray to cleanse nasal mucosa from bacteria, viruses and harmful pollutants

257 C&C-ALLERGY - NASAL MUCOUS CLEARANCE - patented ISOTONIC spray to allow effective mucus fluidfication by reducing mucus viscosity 0.9% (CE)

258 C&C-ALLERGY - ACUTE RHINITIS - patented HYPERTONIC spray to allow effective mucus fluidfication by reducing mucus viscosity 1.4% (CE)

104 C&C-ALLERGY - DRY / PRODUCTIVE COUGH - syrups / stick pack for adult & children from 6 years (MD 2A) Remove sore throat pain and calm cough based on a tested polysaccharides mix (CE)

125 C&C-ALLERGY - UPPER AIRWAY INFECTION - syrup to calm the cough, soothe sore throat, mucolytic and mucoadhesive effect (CE)

134 C&C-ALLERGY - SORE THROAT PAIN tablets with mucoadhesive extract from seabuckthorn for infections and inflammatory conditions of upper airways (CE)

109 C&C-ALLERGY - SORE THROAT spray and tablets with plantago for infections and inflammatory states of upper airways for adults and children (CE)

530 C&C-ALLERGY - SORE THROAT chewable tablet with plant extracts (CE)

474 C&C-ALLERGY - NASAL WASH - sachets with PEG3350 for cleaning of mucosa and preventing accumualtion of secretions (CE)

603 C&C-ALLERGY - RESPIRATORY DISORDERS - effervescent ODT tablet for inhalation as a fumigant (CE)

485 C&C-ALLERGY - COLD VIRUS / FLU PROTECTION - lozenges for oral and pharyngeal mucosa active defense to prevent repiratory diseases (CE)

175 CHILD - DYSPEPTIC DISORDERS - in infants - simethicon based treatment in olive oil (CE)

132 CHILD - IRON DEFIENCY ANEMIA - syrup, easy dosing, extreme high bioavailbility, low toxicity risk, tasteless, elementar iron 98%, high stability (DS)

117 CHILD - ANTIBIOTIC-ASSOCIATED DIARRHOEA drops oral suspension with LGG probiotic for babies, children, adults - 5 drops = 1 bln up to 5 bln CFU (DS)

378 CHILD - AFTER BITE PATCH - patches to apply after mosquito stings, different designs / cartoons (CE)

372 CHILD - COUGH&COLD - aroma patches with essential oils to ease breathing for children at night time (COS)

729 CHILD - INFANT COLICS / FUSSINESS drops with simethicone in oil with S. boulardii (CE IIA)

730 CHILD - INFANT COLICS / FUSSINESS drops with simethicone in oil, vitamine E and coenzyme Q10 (CE IIA)

733 CHILD - INFANT COLICS / FUSSINESS drops with simethicone in oil with S. boulardii (CE IIA)

734 CHILD - ASTHENIA / INAPPENTENCE - single vials with royal jelly and B complex, iroN and other minerals (DS)

735 CHILD - NAUSEA/EMESIS - singe stick pack with ginger, vitamins and minerals

736 CHILD - IRON DEFICIENCY/ASTHENIA - drops stickpack sachets with microemulsified iron, folic acid and Vitamin C (DS)

738 CHILD - DYSBIOSIS/ENTERIC IMMUNE SYSTEM - vials with probiotics and vitamines L. lactis, L. Rhamnosus, S. Boulardii (DS)

739 CHILD - INSOMNIA - solution with dropper wint melatonin and B vitamines for good night sleep (DS)

740 CHILD - DEHYDRATION - sachets with gel-formulation based on mineral salts, glucose to reestablish eletrolytical balance (DS)

741 CHILD - IMMUNE SYSTEM - oral solution 200ml with betaglucan, resveratrol and other immune booster, also for mental fatigue (DS)

701 CHILD - NASAL WASHING - single dose vials and syringe dispenser for baby / infants noses, atomized solution and deep washing preventing mucus stagnation (CEIIa)

742 CHILD - COLIC/FUSSINESS - solution with rubber teat dropper, simethicone in aqueous solution (CE IIA)

399 CHILD - STERILE NASAL SOLUTION - cleansing nose, ears, eyes and wounds

780 CHILD - STERILE NASAL SOLUTION - ampoules, biodegradable - for cleansing nose, ears, eyes and wounds

418 CHILD - NASAL DECONGESTANT - for infant/baby nose, HA, echinacea and silver citrate (CE IIA)

457 CHILD - ANTI-LICE foam - active mixture for treatment and preventing re-manifestations (CE I)

656 CHILD - NEUROLOGICAL PERFORMANCE - gummies with high DHA and EPA from supercritical extracted OMEGA 3 (DS)

204 CHILD - ORS - salts formulation prebiotics and electrolytes (ESPGHAN formulation) for dehydrated children, suffering from diarrhea, fever and conditions of fluid loss (DS)

205 CHILD - DEHYDRATION/DIARRHOEA - ORS and probiotics LGG for rehydrating children suffering of infantile diarrhoea or other conditions with loss of body fluids - various forms (DS)

206 CHILD - ACUTE GASTROENTERITIS - oily probiotic baby drops - LGG in innovative dropper with improved stability (DS)

207 CHILD - IRON DEFICIENCY - drops with bisglycinate iron high absorbable source, no collateral effects (DS)

211 CHILD - PHYSICAL AND MENTAL FATIGUE - dual chamber system vial and minitabs (SMATAB) in stick packs (DS)

212 CHILD - ENERGY & IMMUNE - 2 phase bormioli vials with vitamine B, C, zinc iron and royal jelly (DS)

213 CHILD - ENERGY & IMMUNE - micotablets, orosoluble in stick format with vitamine B, C, zinc iron and royal jelly - good taste (DS)

217 CHILD - BLOATING / FLATULENCE - drops based on simethicone in olive oil and Q10 coenzyme, no conservative agents (CE)

219 CHILD - IRON SUPPLEMENT - microencapsulated iron pyrophosphate infant drops, easily dispersible in aqueous solution, less undesirable organoleptic attributes (DS)

256 CHILD - BONES & IMMUNITY - orodisperible stick pack with D3, Ca and Kefir for bones development and immin system (DS)

315 CHILD - BABY CARE - skin care range, no parabens, alcohol, protecive and moisterizing, pH 5.5 (COS)

310 CHILD - COLD COMPLAINTS - stick with essential oils, easy to apply, for relaxed breathing (COS)

316 CHILD - HEADLICE - mousse and shampoo, easy, 1-time application, no chemical actives, no fire hazard, no oily simethicons (CE)

321 CHILD - DRY NOSE - nasal ointment with chamomile & star anise, frees from itching (COS)

388 CHILD - MOSQUITO REPELLENT - babylotion, spray with natural water-based PMD - as effective, but milder than synthetic active for baby/infant skin (BIO)

543 CHILD - HEADLICE - spray to prevent headlice infection for 12 hours - no chemical actives (BIO)

320 CHILD - TEETHING - gel, soothing and pain relief for irritated gums and teething problems (COS)

496 CHILD - DIAPER DERMATITIS - zinc foam preparing a protection layer

533 CHILD - ECZEMA - chicken pox, nappy rash and other children issues - smart brand reliefing kids illness (CE)

707 CHILD - HEAD LICE - spray device which kills lice AND nits in 2 minutes (CE)

536 CHILD - MOLLUSCUM CONTAGINOSUM - glass bottle for alcalic chemical destruction of water warts, easy to use (CE lla)

657 CHILD/DIGEST - CONSTIPATION - solution with d-mannitol prebiosmotic to help the intestine in case of slow transit (CE)

612 CHILD/DIGEST - ORS / FLUID LOSS jelly consistency easy to take, developed to overcome adherence issues (DS)

732 CHILD/EYE - PERIOCULAR HYGIENE sterile gauze in sachets for eye cleaning with euphrasia, HA and chamomilla (CE I)

573 CHILD/EYE - EYECARE SUPPORT - chocolate coated chewable patented tablets with lutein and zeaxanthin, ideal for kids (DS)

39 CHILD/HOSP - PLASTER REMOVAL - spray to remove easy and painless plaster/tape removal, for stoma patients, hospital, pediatric doctors (CE)

551 CHILD/IMMUN - IMMUNIC SYSTEM - sachets with probiotic to boost the first line defense immune system, reduces symptoms of cold/flu (DS)

605 CHILD/IMMUN - IMMUNE SYSTEM - water dispersible granulate, Proline-rich Polypeptide (PRP) colostrum, Vitamin D and Zinc for kids about 4-6 years (DS)

208 CHILD/VMS/GYN - VITAMIN D3 DEFICIENCY - complete product line, preservative free

788 CNS - NERVOUS SYSTEM - softgel caps with uridine and other to regenerate nervous tensions, improve mood and intelellectual performance (DS)

172 DIGEST - CONSTIPATION - prebiosmotic helps the intestine in case of slow transit, study with Parkison patients (DS)

62 DIGEST - GERD Oesophagitis/gastritis Reflux - patented solution, unique profile MD class III (CE)

665 DIGEST - IBS - stick pack powder, plant based extract to relieve symptoms diarrhoea, constipation and abdominal pain/bloating (CE)

523 DIGEST - IBS-D - capsules which repairs and protects the mucosal barrier from pro-inflammatory factor aggression (CE IIa)

621 DIGEST - FOOD INTOLERANCE - capsules / oral solution, patented, to restore intestinal mucosal integrity and regulate nutrients sensing, regardless of the origin (DS)

526 DIGEST - SIBO / BLOATING - capsule for effective and rapid relieve symptoms of functional bloating and abdominal distension (CE IIa)

789 DIGEST - FUNCTIONAL DIGESTIVE DIORDERS/DIVERTICULOSIS - enteric capsules with butyric acid, FSMP, for disturbance of gut microbiota, diverticulosis (DS)

479 DIGEST - DIGESTION ISSUES - traditional medicine with 6 herbs for unpleasant feeling of fullness, flatulence and mild stomach cramp (PH)

519 DIGEST - LAXATIVE - micro enemas with rectal solution for occasional constipation, based on natural extracts protecting and soothing the rectal mucosa (CE)

158 DIGEST - DIARRHEA - capsules, sachets with unique film forming mucoprotection for acute diarrhoea, no motility inhibition (CE)

504 Digest - INTESTINE DISORDERS - probiotic vials with Bacillus Clausii spores 2BLN/4 BLN (DS)

462 DIGEST - CELIAC TEST - home test for celiac disease screening (CE)

776 DIGEST - GLUTEN INTOLERANCE- sachets with probiotic proven to support gastrointestinal health, increase diversity of gut-microbiota (DS)

235 DIGEST - METEORISM - bilayer simethicone tablet with fast / slow release layer for bloating and flatulence (CE)

237 DIGEST - METEORISM - bilayer simethicone tablet with fast/slow release layer and charcoal for lower intestinal tract (CE)

238 DIGEST - LAXATIVE - Macrogol 3350 sachets for 5, 10, 13, 125gr or in jars 100/200/400g for pediatric and adult use (CE)

239 DIGEST - COLON CLEANSING - 240gr macrogol for bowel cleansing before endoscopy (CE)

341 DIGEST - CHRONIC CONSTIPATION - overproduction of gaz and bloating. Liquid stick packs. PEG+Simethicon (CE)

243 DIGEST - CHRONIC CONSTIPATION - synergistic effect of an osmotic laxative with bulking psyllium and simethicone (CE)

245 DIGEST - DIARRHEA - white clay soluble powder and patented fibre mix to restore microbiota balance (CE)

246 DIGEST - DIARRHEA / DIGESTIVE DISORDERS - white clay in liquid form with excellent absorption capacity (CE)

247 DIGEST - BLOATING / FLATULENCE - stick pack to reduce swollen belly, as aid to slimming treatments (CE)

100 DIGEST - GERD / GASTRIC HYPERACTIVITY - sachets buffering, alginates with muco protective tamarind polysaccharide

101 DIGEST - AEROPHAGIA/BLOATING - carminative plant extract and probiotic bifido/lactobacillus (DS)

438 DIGEST - CONSTIPATION / INTESTINAL DEPURATION - food supplement range - based on various plant extracts as minitabs, drops, tablets, liquids (DS)

102 DIGEST - GERD - liquid sachets to reduce gastroesophageal reflux, sooth hyperacidity, and protect gastric mucosa (CE)

103 DIGEST - GERD - chewable tablets reduce gastroesophageal reflux, sooth hyperacidity, and protect gastric mucosa (CE)

439 DIGEST - INTESTINAL FLORA BALANCE Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG as hard capsules, sachets, or chewing gum (DS)

473 DIGEST - DYSPEPSIA minitabs or powder in stick pack, simethicone and carbonates, for prevention and treatment of gastric hyperaciditiy and gastrointestinal swelling (CE)

641 DIGEST - BLOATING & DIGESTION - digestive enzymes and carminative ingredients in DUOCAM (DS)

753 DIGEST - DYSBIOSIS children - 3-phase liquid bottle Indicated to Restore the equilibrium of intestinal flora and maintain health mucosa (DS)

785 DIGEST - GASTRIC HYPERACTIVITY chewing gum antacid and protective, fast and sustained release (CE)

755 DIGEST - FUNCTIONAL CONSTIPATION - sachets with purified PEG, better palatability (tasteless, odorless), optimal organolettic properties (CE)

574 DIGEST - DIGESTION - Lactase enzyme, and bromelain/papain to improve lactose digestion, multilayer tablet, anti-bloating effect (DS)

501 DIGEST - IBS-C - CONSTIPATION - combinaiton of probiotic, prebiotic and fibre for high effect (DS)

489 EAR - EAR PAIN - drops with 0.5% lidocaine - relieves pain and itching, supports healing of inflammation (CE)

362 EAR - EAR INFECTIONS - spray against bacteria causing most common ear infections: Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Moraxella catarrhalis, Streptococcus pneumoniae (CE)

688 EAR - EAR PAIN - drops glycerol - relieves pain and itching, supports healing of inflammation (CE)

236 EAR - EAR CLEANING - spray aerosol (BOV), multiposition, with hyaluronic acid, aloe, tea tree oil for daily cleaning and ear wax removal. (CE I)

468 EYE - AMD - patented dietary supplement for homocystein associated circulation disorders (DS)

391 EYE - DRY EYE DISEASE - unidose drops, patented, for restoring mucin layer, for very severe cases, 1 drop last 24 hours (CE)

398 EYE - STERILE WASH - cleansing and easing of irritated eyes, single monodose (CE)

14 EYE - OPHTALMIC solutions, herbal products (for sport, baby, allergic reactions) herbal ingredients, private label development (CE)

371 EYE - CATARACT - eye drops preventing clouding of the crystalline lens and the vitreous body, antioxidative effects (CE)

57 EYE - DRY EYE/MEIBOMIAN GLANDS DYSFUNCTION - spray with liposomal solution, patented technology, support the lipid layer (CE)

828 EYE - OCCULAR IRRITATION - drops with arnica and 0.2% Hyaluronic acid, anti-inflammatory, in particular post-surgical (DS)

829 EYE - GLAUCOMA - sirop as FSMP recommended for subjects affected by glaucoma (DS)

226 EYE - EYE PROTECTION - blue light effect, diabetic macula oedema, and advanced macular degeneration (DS)

690 EYE - ALLERGIC CONJUNCTIVITIS - drops to soothe irritations, moisterize and support conjunctival regeneration (CEIIa)

693 EYE - CATARACT PROPHYLAXIS - drops with potassium iodide and HA which reduce oxiative stress and prevent opacities of lense and vitreous body (CEIIa)

692 EYE - COMPUTER VISION SNYDROME - drops for relief of eye fatigue, irritation, burning caused by excessive computer work / other displays or external factors (aircondition, smoke, dust)

689 EYE - EVAPORATIVE DRY EYE - drops to rebuild degnerated tear film for all three layers (CEIIa)

694 EYE - STYE / CHALAZION - ointment to relieve sypmtoms by anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of manuka honey (CE I)

695 EYE - SEVERE DRY EYE - drops for intensive moisterization with trehalose, HA and d-panthenol, also regeneration after surgery (CEIIa)

696 EYE - EYE SURFACE INFECTION - drops to form barrier to limit infection, growth of microorganism, ie Acanthamoeba (CEIIa)

553 EYE - EYECARE - liquid filled gastro resistant capsules with ingredients complying to AREDS study (DS)

555 EYE - EYECARE capsules for blue light exposure - antioxidants pool with a source of DHA to prevent photoreceptor-derived cell damage by blue light (DS)

554 EYE - EYECARE bilayer tablets with composition according to AREDS study (DS)

544 EYE/ALLERGY - ALLERGIC EYES - herbal solution for allergenic reaction due to pollen, dust, coats of animals and other allergenic factors (CE)

546 EYE/CHILD - BABY EYES - blocked tear passage - isotonic eye preparation with camomilla and euphrasia in isotonic buffered solution (CE)

115 EYE/VMS - AMD - dietary supplement to maintain proper vision for people over 45 (DS)

817 FOOTCARE - CRACKED HEEL - patch with papain for skin regeneration process (CE)

515 FOOTCARE, SKIN - FOOTCARE RANGE cracked heel plaster, callluses care and prevention, blister plasters (CE)

129 FOOTCARE, SKIN - FOOT ODOR - patches to stick into shoes, destroying foot odor for months (n.a.)

356 FOOTCARE, SKIN - CALLUS - cream with 2% salicylic acid, reduces hard skin within 7 days, also for sensitive skin (COS)

498 FOOTCARE, SKIN - CALLUS REMOVER - solution works instantly with proven effectiveness, prevents callus and cracks (CE)

806 FOOTCARE, SKIN - CALLUS REDUCTION - oil bath reduce callus softly, for a velvety skin feel (COS)

170 FOOTCARE, SKIN - CORN TREATMENT - pen application, express effect, and other solutions for diabetic foot (CE)

497 FOOTCARE, SKIN - CRACKED HEEL STICK - deep healing effect with moisture, practical to keep heels soft and smooth (COS)

809 FOOTCARE, SKIN - FOOT PROTECTION - deer tallow cream, for extreme strain of feet, e.g. sport, protects like second skin (COS)

323 FOOTCARE, SKIN - DIABETIC FOOT - range for care with microsilver, urea and panthenol

807 FOOTCARE, SKIN - FOOTCARE DRY/SCALY SKIN - jar with 2in1 component for peeling, moisterizing for soft skin feel (COS)

808 FOOTCARE, SKIN - FOOT PERSPIRATION - protection gel for dry skin, fresh feeling (COS)

810 FOOTCARE, SKIN - TIRED FEET - revitalizing foot sorbet, antbacterial, callus removal, vitalizing and fresh feeling (COS)

811 FOOTCARE, SKIN - COLD FEET- cream that cares and gives a warm feeling sensation, with ginger heat complex (COS)

171 FOOTCARE, SKIN - ATHLETE´S FOOT - gel treatment, no touch application, instant relief of itching and burning

51 FOOTCARE, SKIN - ONYCHOMYCOSIS - solution, effective patented product for nail fungus, clinically tested, fast visible results (CE)

654 FOOTCARE, SKIN - NAIL PEN effective, easy applicator, visible results within 2 weeks (CE)

194 FOOTCARE, SKIN - CALLUS & CORN - pen format, with hydrolize effect and in depth treatment of entire keratinised area, no filing, scraping, or pre-soaking (CE lla)

195 FOOTCARE, SKIN - NAIL FUNGUS - pen format, 2in1 - pen format for fungal treatment - high absorption, hydrolize effect, no acetone

559 FOOTCARE, SKIN - WART TREATMENT - pen format, no pain, precise dosing and application, with penetration enhancer, dries multiple wart form inside, no filing (CE lla)

174 GYN - INTIMATE CARE / UTI - gel and cleanser with cranberry for recurrent infections, irritation, dryness, itching (COS)

666 GYN - HPV - GENITAL WARTS Cream for the management of vaginal micro lessions resulted from HPV, or due to vaginal dryness (CE I)

667 GYN - DYSPAREUNIA / ATROPHIC VAGINITIS moisterizing cream without HA for dryness and itching in menopause (CE I)

524 GYN - WOMEN CARE - barrier cream to prevent and treat recurring vaginitis and candidasis infections, in all age groups (CE IIa)

147 GYN - PCOS / FERTILITY - sachets with multi-level acting patented formulation for PCOS and related infertility in women (DS)

492 GYN - PREGNANCY/LACTATION - essential key nutrition elements in exact dosing for mother and child (DS)

720 GYN - VULVOVAGINITIS - vaginal douche with combined action of lactic & boric acid, aloe vera et al. to provide lubrication,, proper acitity to prevent infections (CE I)

700 GYN - VULVOVAGINITIS - ovules with combined action of lactic & boric acid and polycarbophil to restore vaginal environment, relief burning itchiness and irritation, prevents infections (CEIIa)

721 GYN - VAGINAL FLORA REBALANCE - ovules tabs with tyndallized lactobacillus and hydrolized/fermented milk protein to rebalane pH and vaginal flora (CE I)

722 GYN - VAGINAL FLORA REBALANCE - ovules tabs with hydrolized/fermented milk protein to rebalane pH and vaginal flora (CE IIa)

723 GYN - VAGINAL DRYNESS/DISORDERS - vaginal ovules with lactic, hyaluronic acid and polycarbophyl to treat dryness, inflammation, and other irritations (CE IIa)

814 ;GYN - MENOPAUSAL SYMPTOMS - tablets based on Soya extract titled in isoflavones, lycopene, CoenzymeQ10, Polygonum Cuspidatum extract titled in Resveratrol, Magnesium, Vitamin C, Vitamin D,Vitamin E and Vitamin K2 (menaquinone) (DS);

725 GYN - VAGINAL HYGIENE - intimate foam with boric and lactic acid, chlorhexidine and wheat germ (CE I)

724 GYN - VAGINAL ATROPHY - gel with hyaluronic and lactic acid in disposable applicators (CE IIa)

699 GYN - VAGINAL DRYNESS - ovules with lactic and hyaluronic acid to restore natural and comfortable vaginal environment (CEIIa)

726 GYN - VAGINAL HYGIENE - intimate wash with boric and lactic acid, chlorhexidine and other botanicals for cleaning and strong hydrating (COS)

727 GYN - VULVOVAGINITIS - vaginal douche gel with hyaluronic and lactic acid in disposable applicators (CE I)

609 GYN - VAGINAL ATROPHY - suppositories with 5mg HA for quick healing and regeneration of vaginal mucosa (CE)

347 GYN - SEXUAL INFECTIONS - self-test for trichomonas, candida albicans and gardnerella bacteriae infections, for women&men (CE)

419 GYN - VAGINAL IRRITAION / ITCHING hygiene soft foam, with acid pH, with panthenol and oligosaccaride to support vaginal microbial flora (COS)

420 GYN - VAGINAL DRYNESS - gel with alpha-glucosidase oligosaccharide and panthenol or B5 (COS)

421 GYN - INTIMATE HYGIENE foam to prevent bacterial or yeast infections, reduces itching and burning, with acidic pH, chlorhexidine, (COS)

422 GYN - INTIMATE HYGIENE gel to prevent bacterial or yeast infections, reduces itching and burning, with acidic pH, chlorhexidine, teatree oil (COS)

646 ;GYN - MENOPAUSE - capsules with Omega 3 (High EPA), isoflavones and Vitamin D3/Ca in pre and post menopausal periods preventing cardiovascular, inflammatory, and boneloss risks (DS);

133 GYN - MENOPAUSE - innovative, patented plant complex product for a “hormone like” action, but without side effects

146 GYN - VAGINAL MYCOSIS - gel for itching, dryness, foul odours

83 GYN - NIPPLE CRACKS - cream for treatment/prevention caused by cracks, itch and burns – preservative-free, food grade ingredients, with colostrum (COS)

631 GYN - VAGINAL DRYNESS - gel with patented Indian Fig extract, without hyaluronic acid, hormone free (CE I)

460 GYN - PREGNANCY - panty liner tests for detection of amniotic fluid leak and wetness cause (CE)

550 GYN - IRON DEFIENCY - sachets with clinical proven probiotic to increase iron absorption (uptake, not only the intake) (DS)

282 GYN - ANTINAUSEA - chewable tablets - based on special blend of ginger extract and essential oil, clinical study with pregnant women (DS)

268 GYN - GALACTAGOGUE sachets with micronized silymarin extract to improve breast milk production (DS)

274 GYN - URO-VAGINAL - multilayer tablet for micoflora alteration - patented with allicin, lactic acid bacteria (CE)

281 GYN - PREGNANCY - multilayer tablet with multivitamines and minerals with different realease time for best performance (DS)

648 GYN - PREGNANCY - double chamber sachet with probiotic complex and functional ingredients (iron, DHA, folic acid and vitamines) (DS)

286 GYN - PCOS - orodispersible sachets, carbonhydrate blocker with inositol in orosoluble sachets (DS)

549 GYN - GESTATIONAL DIABETES - double chamber sachets, selection of probiotics and myoinositol

499 GYN - SHAVING ISSUES - gel that nourishes, protects and strengthens stressed skin after intimate shaving – relieves itching, redness and prevents razor burn (COS)

601 GYN - MENOPAUSE - swalloble tablets based on red clover, flaxseed and black cohosh extracts. (DS)

521 GYN - BACTERIAL VAGINOSIS/CANDIASIS - oral probiotic capsules to reinforce and maintain the vaginal and urogenital microbiota in women (DS)

522 GYN - PROBIOTICS for pregnant women, baby and family - for Intestinal disorders and/or enhance immune system (DS)

713 GYN/LIFESTYLE - HORMONAL IMBALANCE - sachets with Myo-Inositol, folic acid, D and B complex during childbearing age and pregnancy (DS)

393 GYN/PAIN - MENSTRUAL PAIN - ultrathin adhesive patch for 5 days treatment of pain and discomfort, drug-free (CE)

277 GYN/URO - UTI d-mannose + cranberry exctract in sachets for treatment of urogenital micobial gram negative infections (CE)

278 GYN/URO - UTI - double chamber sachet, potassium citrate, cranberry 36mg PAC and s. boulardi (DS)

279 GYN/URO - UTI - double sachets with D-mannose, cranberry dry exctract 59mg, Plantarum Lp 115 (5 billions CFU) in DUOCAM sachets (DS)

280 GYN/VMS - PRECONCEPTION - multilayer tablet with multivitamines and minerals with different release time for best performance (DS)

798 IMMUN - IMMUNIC DEFENSE - capsules, tabs and sticks with EFSA approved β-glucans with immunomodulatory and antioxidative properties (DS)

702 IMMUN - IMMUNE SYSTEM - 3-layer tablet with turmeric, liquorice and vitamine C with antioxidants for flu symtoms (DS)

815 IMMUN/VMS - VIRUS PREVENTION - capsules with high potency of lactoferrin

669 LIFESTYLE - GENITAL ITCHING - cream/spray formulated to provide soothing and comfort against itching and burning sensation in the intimate area (CE I)

671 LIFESTYLE - HYPERPIGMENTATION - whitening cream that lessens the hyperpigmented areas and make skin complexion even (CE I)

672 LIFESTYLE - VAGINAL RELAXATION SYNDROME - vulvovaginal gel to improve vaginal connective tissue remodeling by increasing collagen/ elastine (CE I)

673 LIFESTYLE - SAGGING SKIN - body cream, ideal for sagging breast skin due to aging, pregnancy, menopause, body weight fluctuations (CE I)

674 LIFESTYLE - PREMATURE EJACULATION effective gel that decreases sensitivity (COS)

676 LIFESTYLE - SNORING - effective formula for the relief from symptoms of snoring (CE I)

148 LIFESTYLE - FERTILITY - sachets with novel, multi-level acting formulation used in order to treat infertility in men and improve spermatogenesis (DS)

454 LIFESTYLE - SLEEP REGULATION - spray for sublingual melantonin application, fast penetration and action (DS)

455 LIFESTYLE - STRESS/NERVOUSNESS - sticks with plant extracts - saffron, valerian, passion flower, melissa and lavender (CE)

513 LIFESTYLE - AFTER BITE - patch plaster adults and kids, natural ingredients (COS)

376 LIFESTYLE - LIP CARE - lip balm sticks, natural range of products with premium quality ingredients, eco-sustainable (COS)

514 LIFESTYLE - FACE SHEET MASKS - masks and beauty patches with different ingredients, also for acne, blackheads, anti-wrinkle and other solutions (COS)

560 LIFESTYLE - SUN PROTECTION - range of sunprotection, face masks and sun activators (COS)

516 LIFESTYLE - HAIR REMOVAL - waxing strips, different lines, body/bkini/face - with bioargan oil, marigold, natural caramel and others (CE)

614 LIFESTYLE - SKIN/HAIR/NAILS - capsules with silica mesoporous, patented (DS)

452 LIFESTYLE - SKIN AGING beautyceuticals based on organic silicium to repair cellular DNA and raising keratocyte cell division (COS)

397 LIFESTYLE - FRESHENING ROLL ON - essential oils, for headache, circulatory, realaxing or other purpose (COS)

506 LIFESTYLE - CARDIOVASCULAR / STRESS sedative liquid herbal medicine for nervous stress (PH)

661 LIFESTYLE - AROMA THERAPY - nasal inhaler to combine salt and aroma therapy, for respiratory comfort (CE)

540 LIFESTYLE - AROMA THERAPY - range of products pf balsamic essences and applicators (COS)

760 LIFESTYLE - FATIGUE/ENDURANCE acts synergistically and complementarily to delay the onset of both central and peripheral fatigue (DS)

633 ;LIFESTYLE - BRAIN & EYE HEALTH - capsules levels of DHA, folate and vitamins B6 and B12 to contribute tomaintain brain and psychological functions (DS);

617 LIFESTYLE - ODOUR - patches with unique carbon laminate with innovative odour neutralising technology (n.a.)

303 LIFESTYLE - ODOUR textiles - patches with odour absorbing fabric to be integrated in clothing (n.a.)

505 LIFESTYLE - CELLULITE - liquid sticks with bioactive peptides from effective hydrolyzed collagen (DS)

144 LIFESTYLE - CHAFING / SKIN FRICTION / RUBBING - gel, stick and spray to prevent/reduce skin irritation from rubbing - does not smear/stain (COS)

60 LIFESTYLE - NOSE BLEEDING - nasal gel, to stop nosebleeds in moments (CE)

59 LIFESTYLE - SNORING / SLEEP APNEA - nasal dilators for anti-snoring, nocturnal asthma, as well as nasal plaster for breathing pathways (CE)

160 LIFESTYLE - BACTERIAL BARRIER - spray for quickly sanitizing objects and surfaces, both at home and in public (CE)

830 Lifestyle - SARCOPENIA - sachets with collagen peptides

831 Lifestyle - BEAUTY COLLAGEN - shots with collagen peptides Verisol, hyaluronic acid and resveratrol (DS)

461 LIFESTYLE - SELF-DIAGNOSTICS - home tests for iron, menopause, celiac, UTI and other common tests (CE)

634 LIFESTYLE - SKIN AGING - stick pack, orally administered collagen peptides for more collagen density, less dermal thickness and wrinkles (DS)

225 LIFESTYLE - SLEEPING DISORDERS - patented multilayer technology for optimized release, melatonin (DS)

228 LIFESTYLE - SLEEPING ISSUES - melantonin sublingual spray - also for mood disorders, headache (DS)

638 LIFESTYLE - SLEEPING ISSUES - multilayer tablets with nutrients for better sleeping comfort (DS)

639 LIFESTYLE - STRESS - double-chamber sachets with combination of bifido with gut/brain axis and nutrients for performance stress improvement (DS)

640 LIFESTYLE - NEUROINFLAMMATION / COGNITIVE DECLINE - double chamber sachet, combination of bifido probiotic and nutrients (DS)

250 LIFESTYLE - WEIGHT MANAGEMENT/ METABOLIC - multilayer tabs non-animal substance to block absorption of lipids (CE)

251 LIFESTYLE - WEIGHT MANAGEMENT- capsules with simethicon and glucomannan to absorb water (up to 100-200 fold) to swell 50-100 fold, inducing precocious satiety (CE)

644 LIFESTYLE - WEIGHT MANAGEMENT - sachets with microbiota, glucomannan and other ingredients

645 LIFESTYLE - CHOLESTEROL & GLYCAEMIA - double chamber sachets with combination of microbiota and cholin, monakolin and other agents (DS)

255 LIFESTYLE - SARCOPENIA - tablet with special blend of aminoacids, for muscle deficit (DS)

267 LIFESTYLE - MILD DEPRESSION - multilayer tablets, patented containing 5-HTP (50 mg as “fast”) and L-TP (250 mg as “retard”) (DS)

548 LIFESTYLE - NAUSEA - multilayer tabletes for digestive issues, morning sickness, ginger and B6 (DS)

754 LIFESTYLE - FATIGUE / EXHASUTION - buccal spray with B12 for fast absorption (DS)

508 LIFESTYLE - ENERGY / IMMUN double chamber sachets with LGG probiotics for adults and vitamins B (DS)

652 LIFESTYLE - MULTIVITAMIN SENIORS - multilayer tablets fore replenish strength and vitality (DS)

325 LIFESTYLE - AFTER BITE - pen stick, soothes, cares the skin after insect bites, jellyfish stings or contact with nettles (COS)

354 LIFESTYLE - HAIR LOSS - range of products based on L-Arginin, patented and clincially tested (COS)

338 LIFESTYLE - SNORING - spray, clinically proven, nasal application, easy to apply, high efficacy (CE)

590 LIFESTYLE - STRESS/FATIGUE - orally disintergrating tablets ODT containing Vitamin C and Potassium (DS)

581 LIFESTYLE - COGNITIVE PERFORMANCE based on D-galactose, reduced Glutathione (GSH) and Coenzyme Q10 in form of orally disintegrating tablets (ODT) with optimized Fast-Slow release (DS)

756 LIFESTYLE - WEIGHT MANAGEMENT - 3-layer tablet based on Tamarind, Cassia mimosoides, Salacia reticulata and common bean dry extracts (DS)

593 LIFESTYLE - STRESS, TIREDNESS AND FATIGUE CONDITIONS - orosluble granulate, patented biologically active Vitamin B complex (vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12) from botanical origin (DS)

705 LIFESTYLE - RELAXATION / NIGHT REST - ODT tablet with chamomille and melatonin for mental wellness (DS)

582 LIFESTYLE - COGNITIVE IMPAIRMENT - oro-soluble - Riboflavin and Niacin contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism, reduction of tiredness and fatigue

583 LIFESTYLE - BRAIN HEALTH/HEPATIC HEALTH - tablets ODT with inositol, SAMe (S-Adenosyl-Methionine) and magnesium (DS)

587 LIFESTYLE - MEMORY IMPROVEMENT - two layer tablets, based on S-Adenosyl-Methionine (SAMe), Acetyl-L-carnitine and Magnesium (DS)

584 LIFESTYLE - MOOD DISORDERS - ODT buccal solving tablets based on SAM-e (S-Adenosyl-Methionine) (DS)

585 LIFESTYLE - NEGATIVE MOOD - stick packs with SAMe to improve the physical and mental tone even in stressful situations (DS)

586 LIFESTYLE - LIVER PROTECTION - gastroresistant lipidic matrix tablet with SAMe

706 LIFESTYLE - STRESS / MOOD - fast/slow layer release tablet Griffonia, Passiflora and Lemon balm promote normal mood tone, relaxation (sleep

588 LIFESTYLE - BRAIN HEALTH / MOOD - multilayer tablet based on S-Adenosyl-Methionine (SAMe), L-Theanine and Magnesium (DS)

486 LIFESTYLE - SPORT NUTRITION - complete range with specific probiotics and combinations with other functional ingredients (DS)

763 LIFESTYLE/CHILD/VMS - WELLBEING / IMMUN SYSTEM - gummies with different vitamines, minerals, and purpose (DS)

835 LIFESTYLE/CHILD/VMS - HALITOSIS - gummies, drop shape with zinc, sage, and cherry/menthol taste (DS)

592 LIFESTYLE/CHILD/VMS - IMMUNE SYSTEM - chocolate tablet with Zinc, Copper along with ß-Glucans incorporated into a lipidic matrix (DS)

759 LIFESTYLE/SKINCARE - SUN UV OVEREXPOSURE - herbal extracts combination to increase the natural defense against UV radiation by antioxidant properties (DS)

761 LIFESTYLE/SKINCARE - SKIN DAMAGE - multi component herbal extracts combination to manage the negative effect on skin by pollution exposure (DS)

664 LIFESTYLE/SPORT - IRON DEFIENCY - sachets with clinical proven probiotic to improve iron status of athletes (uptake, not only the intake) (DS)

712 MEN/URO - MALE FERTILITY - sachets with formulation to promote sperm health and reduce oxidative stress (DS)

728 MEN/URO - BENIGN PAROSTATIC HYPERPLASIA - oral pearls with liposterolic extract and serenoa repens for prostatic volume obstructive symptoms (DS)

772 MEN/URO - GERD / REFLUX solution based on high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, magnesium alginate, Myrrh extract and other ingredients (CE IIA)

714 MEN/URO - SPERM MOTILITY - gel formulation, creates optimal environment for spermatoza (CEIIa)

423 MEN/URO - GENITAL ITCHING - intimate foam for men - for uro-genital tract, for detersion, reduces itching and burning (COS)

345 MEN/URO - PROSTATE FUNCTION - softgel caps with Saw Palmetto, Boswellia, Zinc, Selenium and Vitamin D (DS)

440 MEN/URO - BENIGN PROSTATIC HYPERTROPHY - sachets with serenoa oil microencapsulated, pomegranate, lycopene 10% (DS)

606 MEN/URO - PROSTATE HEALTH - liquid-filled capsules with Saw palmetto and Boswellia (DS)

139 MOBIL - OSTEOATHRITIS - injections with HA for pain management class III up to 2% native HA (no chemically modified), no animal proteins (CE)

339 MOBIL - OSTEOPOROSIS - filmcoated tablet, calcium: 600mg / D3 400iU in easy to take / MRP approval (PH)

686 MOBIL - OSTEOATHRITIS - probiotic gel capsules acting on mico-inflammation, alleviaiting symtoms of OA (DS)

349 MOBIL - JOINTS / OSTEOPOROSE - liquids and solid forms with silicium, bioactivated, potentiated effect of ingredients, for joint care & mobility (DS)

663 MOBIL - POSTURE PROBLEMS - insoles to improve balance and postural stability by FIR technology (CE)

758 MOBIL - STIFFNESS/JOINT MOBILITY - natural ingredient with the highest verbascoside content on market for reducing pain and soreness, and improve joint mobility (DS)

425 MOBIL - JOINTS / MUSCLE - mouse crackling, cooling sensation for painful disorders (CE IIA)

458 MOBIL - OSTEO RELIEF - ice spray with immediate cryogenic effect, analgesic long-term effect for one hour (CE IIA)

331 MOBIL - JOINTS / BONES - capsules with UCII and Aflapin for keeping joints suppleand flexible. (DS)

624 MOBIL - JOINT / BONES FUNCTION - sachet stick pack, with turmeric curcumin loaded liposomes for better absorption and stability (DS)

545 MOBIL - ATHRITIS - liquid stick pack day/night formulation for inflammations (bovine collagen, Curcumin and GAGs) (DS)

595 MOBIL - JOINT PAIN - triple layer tablet, based on S-Adenosyl-Methionine (SAMe) and Turmeric (Curcuma longa L., rhizome) dry extract std. in curcuminoids (DS)

596 MOBIL - BONE HEALTH - multilayer tablet based on Mg, Ca, Vit D3 and Vit K2, building Ca into bone mass

598 MOBIL - JOINT HEALTH PROTECTION - multilayer tablet, based on S-Adenosyl-Methionine (SAMe) and Mytochondro® (non-animal chondroitin sulfate) (DS)

552 MOBIL/GYN - OSTEOPOROSIS - stick pack/capsules with patented probiotic strain to reduce bone loss, maintain strong and healthy bones, clinically proven (DS)

687 MOBIL/GYN/LIFESTYLE - OSTEOPOROSIS – capsules/sticks based on egg shell ingredient to support osteoblasts building and improve mineral-bone-density and reduce fracture risk (DS)

618 MOBIL/PAIN - OSTEOATHRITIS - injections with HA, patented, with Hyaluronic Acid 2%, Chondroitin-Sulfate 2% and Hydroxypropyl beta-Cyclodextrin (1%) (CE)

374 MOBIL/PAIN - JOINTS AND MUSCULAR PAIN - patch with arnica, harpargophytum, and willow (CE)

799 ;MOBIL/PAIN - JOINTS AND MUSCULAR PAIN - instant ice spray with arnica, menthol, ready to use, is suitable in case of hematomas, contusions, strains, musclestrains, sprains, dislocations, fractures, tendonitis and tennis elbow (CEII);

511 MOBIL/PAIN - JOINTS AND MUSCULAR PAIN - warming patch (VBE technology) with arnica, devil´s claw, and willow bark (CE)

373 MOBIL/PAIN - PAIN RELIEF - warming patch - innovative `Low level heat Wrap´ therapy different forms and sizes (CE)

342 MOBIL/PAIN - PAIN MUSCLES / JOINTS - gel with gaultheria and bosweliia for muscle pain, joint function and counteracts tension (COS)

597 MOBIL/PAIN - OSTEOATHRITIS - multilayer tablet, containing Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) and Boswellia serrata extract (DS)

137 ORAL - PAIN/DAMAGED ORAL MUCOSA - propolis gel and spray for aphthae and small wounds, erosions

804 ORAL - PERIDONTITIS - patented chewing gum with microbiotic, encapsulating the inflammatory germ Heliobacter pylori (CE?)

677 ORAL - XEROSTOMIA - solution for eliminating the symptoms of dry mouth during CHEMOTHERAPY and RADIATION TREATMENT (CE I)

678 ORAL - BRACES / MOUTH INJURIES - gel for the management of the pain caused by braces (CE I)

364 ORAL - MOUTH ULCERS - film forming paste for mouth ulcers and denture irritations, not washed away like gels. (CE)

395 ORAL - DENTURE ADHESIVE - cream, holds up 24h

507 ORAL - PERIDINTITIS / PERIIMPLANTITIS / GINGIVITIS - patented product to effectively remove the biofilm from gums, teeths and implants (CE)

379 ORAL - HERPES LABIALIS/COLDSORE - ultrathin patches to apply on blisters, different compositions (CE)

10 ORAL - BRUXISM - dynamic, mouldable bite splint for immediate use, reusable (CE)

122 ORAL - XEROSTOMIA - liposomal solution, for treatment of mucosa for dry mouth, during chemo therapy and inflammations (CE)

459 ORAL - MOUTH ULCERS/ORAL LESIONS - barrier forming gel to protect the lesion from pain, burning and discomfort, with published study (CE IIa)

78 ORAL - COLD SORE - gel, patented, for prevention and treatment forming a transparent protective film (CE IIa)

389 ORAL - TEETH WHITENING / PROTECT - mouthwash gently teeth brigthening and protecion, against new discoloration, against bacterias, plaque and caries , special version for smokers (COS)

301 ORAL - HERPES/COLD SORE - transparent gel, effective in all 4 stages, reduce healing time (CE)

48 ORAL - TEETH WHITENING - prefilled bleaching kits, up to 8 shades instant effect, no peroxid, complete portfolio (COS)

704 ORAL - IMMUN SYSTEM - orosoluble granulate with Lactobacillus rhamnosus CRL 1505 for enhancement of immune system in both children and adults (DS)

602 ORAL - DENTAL DEVICES - effervescent tablets, cleaning, release oxygen for disinfection, detersion and whitening action (CE)

604 ORAL - ORAL PHARYNGITIS - ODT tablet with hyaluronic acid, gumweed, and propolis (CE)

691 OTHERS - SURFACE DESINFECTION - tablets for 150ml solution - effective against virus, yeast and bacteria (BIO)

773 OTHERS - FACE MASK - surgical masks in nonwoven fabric with three layers, EN14683. Non sterile (CE)

655 PAIN - PAIN RELIEF - soothing massage cream for lumbar area, cervical and joints, cannabidiol, hypericum and arnica (COS)

191 PAIN - PAIN RELIEF soft gel caps Ibuprofen 200mg/400mg - mild/moderate pain (headache, backache, dysmenorrhea, dental pain, neuralgia, rheumatic and muscular pain, migraine, C&C) (PH)

470 PAIN - TRAUMA PAIN - spray, patented with liposomal DICLOFENAC 4% - easy use (PH)

305 PAIN - PAIN / TRAUMA INJURIES - reusable cold/warm gel packs

304 PAIN - PAIN / TRAUMA INJURIES - instant cold ice pack to achieve -4°C/-8°C for instant cryotherapy "to go" (CE)

340 PAIN - PAIN TREATMENT - adhesive patch FIR technology to reduce musculoskeletal pain and helps alleviate pain in the event of inflammation, without drugs (CE)

532 PAIN - MUSCLE / JOINTS PAIN - tablets with turmeric and bosweliia for muscle pain, joint and articular function and counteracts tension. (DS)

636 PAIN - PAIN & INFLAMMATION - tablets with neuropathic and chronic, combination of PEA and alphalipoic acid (DS)

495 PAIN - MUSCLE PAIN - warming stick based on capsaicin and rosemary for soothing and relaxing warmth (COS)

539 PAIN - COOL PATCH - hydrogel technology for joint / muscle pain and injuries, for 6 hours (CE)

12 PAIN - PAIN RELIEF - warm patch innovative `Low level heat Wrap´ therapy - ultrathin patches for pain management / women care (CE)

87 PAIN/ORAL - ORAL PAIN - mouthwash and spray with diclofenac, patented - for pharyngeal/mucositis/stomatitis (PH)

822 PROCT - PERIANAL IRRITATION AND CONGESTION - Gel with barrier effect to restore the correct level of hydration (CE)

482 REPELLENT - TICK REMOVAL SPRAY - aerosol for rapid freezing and safe and effective removal of ticks (CE)

538 REPELLENT - INSECT REPELLENT - microencapsulation technology to impregnate textiles for insect protection (BIO)

500 REPELLENT - BED BUGS - spray that kills and stops new entries for further 30 days with natural repellent (BIO)

319 REPELLENT - DUST MITES - natural spray that secures from mites and their allergy causing dust, for all textiles (BIO)

771 REPELLENT - INSECT REPELLENT - Spray - dual combination, minimum 12h high performance protection, waterproof, DEET free (BIO)

312 REPELLENT - INSECT REPELLENT - complete range with PMD - as effective, but milder than synthetic active, also for baby (BIO)

328 REPELLENT - TICKS - spray with plant based ingredients keep ticks away (BIO)

183 SKIN - SUBCUTANEOUS FILLER - new generation of cross-linked hyaluronic acid fillers (CE)

69 SKIN - DRUG RUSH - cream for rash/acne caused by chemotherapy, drug side-effects (CE)

346 SKIN - HYPERHIDROSIS - range of products of specialist antiperspirants for excessive sweat production (COS)

801 SKIN - SKIN MICROBIOME - various topical forms to activate the natural self-healing power (COS)

680 SKIN - SCALP PSORIASIS - spray / shampoo for the management of symptoms, with no steroids, no coal tar (CE I)

681 SKIN - SCARS - topical solution for the management of Hypertrophic, Contracture and Acne scars (CE I)

365 SKIN - HEEL CRACKS - film-forming cream used for local treatment of cracks on the heel and hand deep rhagades (CE)

138 SKIN - WOUND CARE - cream - combination of the aqueous extract of Triticum vulgare and Macrogol. (CE)

531 SKIN - ATOPIC DERMATITIS - cream for restoring the epithelial barrier, reducing permeability to irritant and allergen penetration into the epidermis (CE IIa)

823 SKIN - PSORIASIS - patented cream that stops the vicious cycle of psoriasis characterized by the breach of the skin barrier and hyperkeratosis (CE IIa)

491 SKIN - PSORIASIS - anti-peeling foam and exfoliating foam for psoriasis skin disorders (COS)

456 SKIN - EYELASH EXTENSION - safe formula to extend and lengthen eyelashes within 3 weeks (COS)

535 SKIN - ACNE - patches to correct blemishees of skin with acneic or comedogenic tendency (COS)

561 SKIN - ANTI CELLULITE - patches producing a darining and lipolytic effect (COS)

818 SKIN - WOUNDCARE - organic adhesives, plasters, strips - eco sustainable (CE)

512 SKIN - WOUND COVERAGE - post surgery dressings, sterile, high absorbency, high thickness gauze pad, non-sticking

816 SKIN - WOUNDCARE - silicon adhesive plaster, easy removal with desinfectant (CE)

377 SKIN - WART REMOVAL - patch for oclusion therapy - with PE-EVA technology and salycylic acid (CE)

92 SKIN - ACNE - film forming imperceptible cream, inhibits acne growth, prevents bacteria (CE)

774 SKIN - WART / FUNGAL PROTECTION - spray with film forming matrix impenetrable for virus that causes warts and fungi (nail fungus / athlete´s foot) (CE)

20 SKIN - TRICHOLOGY/ ALOPECIA - serum, patented product for hair loss, triple action on DHT (COS)

19 SKIN - ROSACEA - cream creating an imperceptible film on the skin, together with UV filters, restores barrier functionality reducing rosacea symptoms and prevent flare-ups (CE)

778 SKIN - DESINFECTION - alcoholfree, natural hand-rub foam, suitable from baby age (COS)

779 SKIN - SKIN REPAIR - lotion, repairing cream and gel with microparticles of silver and prebiotics (COS)

610 SKIN - CHRONIC WOUND MANAGEMENT - ointment for complex hard to heal wounds, regardless of wound type, etiology and exudate level (CE)

698 SKIN - COLLAGEN SUPPLEMENTATION - oral suspensions for bones & joints, smoother skin, strong hair and nails (COS)

429 SKIN - SCARS / MACERATED SKIN / BURNS - powder spray - absorbs exudate for clean environment, creates barrier (CE IIA)

434 SKIN - ERYTHEMA - foam for inflammatory and irritated skin, delicate zinc oxide soothing and repairing (COS)

435 SKIN - SUNBURNS - protective eudermic spray, sooth, restores and protect - panthenol, marigold and phospholipids (COS)

436 SKIN - SCALP DERMATITIS - dandruff or cutaneous fungal infection - triple combination spray aerosol (COS)

819 SKIN - WOUND HEALING - cream with HA and Vitamin E - promotes the healing process and protects (CE)

824 SKIN - ABRASIONS - sterile, multi-dose amorphous hydrogel with antioxidant and pH-regulating properties for promoting healing of wounds of partial or full thickness (CE Iib)

635 SKIN - SKIN HEALTH - softgel caps with high SCC Omega 3 to prevent acne inflammation, dry skin, and others skin issues (DS)

318 SKIN - ACNE GEL - active hydrogel, non comegodenic, not greasy, easy to absorb. No cortison, active ingredients with antibacterial action, low sebum production (COS)

143 SKIN - CUTANEOUS MYCOSES - cream for treatment of ATHLETE’S FOOT, protection of the keratinous skin layer of fungi and bacteria -parabens free (CE IIa)

386 SKIN - ANTIFUNGAL PROTECTION - barrier spray, protects from onychomycosis, atheletes feet, warts (CE I)

142 SKIN - BURNINGS - cream for treatment burns, radiation, free from cortisone/scents/parabens (CE IIa)

329 SKIN - INFLAMMATORY DERMATITIS - formulations acting synergistically for atopic, psoriasis and seborrhoeic skin issues (COS)

81 SKIN - SCARS and KELOIDS - gel for prevention and treatment

630 SKIN - DANDRUFF - shampoo skin-purifying and balancing effect, specifically for hair with dandruff and scalp desquamation, no drying (COS)

632 SKIN - SUNBLOCKER / UVA - cream for body and face protection SPF 100+ , barrier effect and water resistant, for delicate skin issues (CE I)

79 SKIN - ANTI-ITCH - cream for the treatment of itch on injured skin - cortison-free, e.g for erythema, eczema, dry skin, dermatitis, or insect bites, rapid effect (CE IIa)

80 SKIN - NAIL ISSUES effective easy to use liquid for treatment and prevention, protects, strengthens nails (CE IIa)

629 SKIN - ONYCHODYSTROPHY nail solution to improve nail structure , strengthens keratin layer, brigthening effect (CE I)

82 SKIN - SKIN CRACKS - gel for hand and feet fissures/chaps, also indicated for small fissures of the diabetic foot (CE IIa)

297 SKIN - SKIN FUNGAL - shower gel 2 in 1 to prevent fungal infections (COS)

145 SKIN - SUNBURN - cream for treatment minor burns and scalds, abrasions, sunburns and solar erythemas (soon spray) (CE IIa)

162 SKIN - WOUND HEALING - patented spray and foam with ionic silver for tissue repair for ulcers-wounds,diabetic foot, bedsores, athletes foot, episiotomy burns, sun erythema (CE)

407 SKIN - FRAGILE SKIN - patented patches to protect skin at risk, primary wound layer, skin tears, Epidermolysis bullosa (CE)

54 SKIN - SKIN PROTECTION - patch silicon for friction prevention, e.g. intertrigo, blister prevention (CE)

764 SKIN - SUPERFICIAL WOUNDS - Silicone based adhesive PU film with superior features compated to Acrylic based films (CE)

775 SKIN - DISINFECTANTS - Spray, gel, hand-wash - biocidal products based omn 70% ethanol (BIO)

805 SKIN - CRACKED / SORE SKIN - panthenol stick, provides moisture and elasticity, relieves itching (COS)

387 SKIN - TATTOO CARE - stick application, supports regeneration and prevents fading, skin calming and protection (SPF30) (COS)

484 SKIN - WATERPROOF SKIN PROTECTION - patented system for all kind of wounds, catheters, drug devices, 100% waterproof, 100% adaptable, any skin area (CE)

179 SKIN - AGE SPOTS - cryo spray, self-remover for keratosis, skinmarks, innovative handheld using cryo technology (CE)

49 SKIN - SKIN CRACKS - spray and cream for rhagades, fissures, for fingers and toes and painful hangnails (CE)

52 SKIN - MINOR WOUNDS - plaster spray, no pain, desinfects, protects and seals (CE)

182 SKIN - SKIN TAGS - convenient and effective self-remover using cryo technology (CE)

56 SKIN - WART REMOVAL - cryo solutions for warts removal, ready in 1 sec (CE)

308 SKIN - WART REMOVAL - pen format gel formulation for precise application (CE)

390 SKIN - CROW´S FEET - reduced in few minutes instantly, from first application, clinically proven, branded distribution (COS)

295 SKIN - EYE BAGS and DARK CIRCLES erased in less than 2 minutes, branded distribution only (COS)

140 SKIN - SPIDER VEINS - instant visual results, Inhibits the formation of new blood vessels (CE)

55 SKIN - STRETCH MARKS - cream silicon based with skin reconstructive properties, branded product (CE)

557 SKIN - CHICKEN POX - mousse, cooling, to treat Chickenpox with osmotic mode of action, also for shingles and sunburn (CE lla)

481 SKIN - PSORIASIS - sponge to remove and prevent scaly skin, negative Koebner effect (CE)

762 SKIN - SKINTAG - device for painless removal, within 6 days, patented (CE)

466 SYS CARDIO - HYPERHOMOCYSTEINEMIA - patented dietary supplement clincially proven to reduce homocysteine (DS)

467 SYS CARDIO - LIPID METABOLISM DISORDERS - patented dietary supplement to reduce cholesterol lipid level (DS)

363 SYS CARDIO - CHOLESTEROL MANAGEMENT - monakolin K, science-backed probiotics Bifidobacterium longum, Q10, Niacin (DS)

627 SYS CARDIO - CARDIO RISKS / CHOLESTEROL - capsules with 65% EPA for reduction of cholesterol, triglycerides and cardiovascular risk factors (DS)

662 SYS CARDIO - STATIN INTOLERANCE / BLOOD FLOW - fast/slow release table with tomato concentrated ant-flatulent and monakolin K (DS)

577 SYS CARDIO - CHOLESTEROL MANAGEMENT - water dispersible granulate with plant sterol, Q10 and other to prevent oxidative stress (DS)

578 SYS CARDIO - ARTERIAL HEALTH - gastroprotected lquid filled capsules with olive oil polyphenols to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress and Vitamin E (DS)

579 SYS CARDIO - ARTHERIOSCLEROSIS / STATIN INTOLERANCE - natural products with berberis and bergamot (DS)

580 SYS CARDIO - BLOOD PRESSURE - food supplement based on Nattokinase enzyme and Vitamin E

757 SYS CARDIO/Lifestyle/Diab - WEIGHT MANAGEMENT / SATIETY / HEART HEALTH patented herbal extracts combination for obesity and metabolic syndrome (DS)

517 SYS DIAB - DIABETES TYPE 2 - FSMP to keep proper blood glucose level, treating related obesity (DS)

248 SYS DIAB - METABOLIC SYNDROME blocks the absorption of dietary complex carbonhydrates from ailments. (CE)

252 SYS DIAB - METABOLIC SYNDROME - patented gastroprotected tablet inhibiting absorption of carbonhydrate and lipids

623 SYS DIAB - WEIGHT MANAGEMENT - multilayer tablet fat and carbonhydrate binding, based on Phaseolus, Vulgaris extract, Simethicone and non animal chitosan (CE)

465 SYS LIVER - LIVER FUNCTION - patented dietary supplement to improve disturbed liver function (DS)

703 SYS LIVER - LIVER PROTECTION - fast/slow modified-release tablet with SAMe and coline (DS)

589 SYS LIVER - HEPATIC HEALTH / DETOX - multilayer tablet with SAMe and curcumin, long-lasting benefits over time, promoting detoxification, toxins removal from the liver cells protection and regeneration (DS)

254 URO - KIDNEY STONES and inflammation of urianry tract based on phyllantus niruri and potassium citracte (DS)

130 VEINS/PROCTO - HEMORRHOIDS - cream, easing the discomfort of hemorrhoids

682 VEINS/PROCTO - HAEMORRHOIDS - soothing cream, relieves and treats external haemmorrhoids, ideally after episiotomy (CE I)

683 VEINS/PROCTO - HAEMORRHOIDS - suppositories, relieves and treats external haemmorrhoids. (CE I)

685 VEINS/PROCTO - VARICOSE VEINS - cream for treatment, also dilated superficial vein capillaries (CE I)

469 VEINS/PROCTO - HEAVY LEGS - relaxing spray revitalizing the tension of swollen ankles, legs (COS)

510 VEINS/PROCTO - TIRED LEGS - innovative patch technology with slow release of phyto extracts (COS)

608 VEINS/PROCTO - HEMORRHOIDS - rectal suppositories for quick healing and regeneration of rectal mucosa (CE)

431 VEINS/PROCTO - HAEMMORHOIDS and fissures - gel with hyaluronic acid and botanical lubricating substances (CE I)

381 VEINS/PROCTO - HAEMMORHOIDS and fissures - active foam for daily hygiene, cleaning, reduces pain (CE I)

518 VEINS/PROCTO - HAEMMORHOID DISORDERS hygienic single use gel - complex of hyaluronic acid with Aloe, Butcher’s Broom, Horse Chestnut and Hydroglyceric Propolis (CE)

300 VEINS/PROCTO - HEMORRHOIDS - tablet to improve capillary resistance, strenghtens hemorrhoidal plexus function

166 VEINS/PROCTO - HEMORRHOIDS - protective emolient, lubricating, rapid relief from pain, itching and burning

161 VEINS/PROCTO - VENOUS DISORDERS / varicosa veins - Innovative spray, crackling effect for "hot" legs (COS)

527 VEINS/PROCTO - TIRED / HEAVY LEGS - cool effect leg spray / vine leaf active feet balm - lasting cool effect (COS)

542 VEINS/PROCTO - HEMORRHOIDS - patch for external use, prevents irritation and pain, easy to apply (CE)

488 VET - WOUND HEALING - modern wound healing program for animals for irrigation, moisterization and wound protection (CE)

777 VET - WOUND HEALING - patented spray with ionic silver - protects from infections and promotes healing of all animal injuries (CE)

326 VET - HORSE FLY REPELLENT - natural based ingredient, keeps insects away from the horse (BIO)

327 VET - SPOT ON - long lasting natural protection against pests for dogs and cats, proven effectiveness (BIO)

448 VMS - VITAMIN C LIPOSOMAL - gel, patented technology for high bioavailability, in oncology, bone health, obesity et al (DS)

502 VMS - VITAMIN D LIPOSOMAL - gel, patented technology, smallest size, homogenous, for high bioavailability in tissue (DS)

613 VMS - OMEGA 3 supplementation - highest concentration of purity of EPA and DHA, different forms (DS)

210 VMS - VITAMIN D3 - oral sublingual spray, fine nebulization 1000 IU by 2 puffs - patent pending (DS)

111 VMS - MULTI VITAMIN - three-layer multivitamin/mineral complex for maximum bioavailability of all nutrients (DS)

287 VMS - VITAMIN C - three-layer 1000mg (fast, normal, slow release) (DS)

288 VMS - MAGNESIUM - three layer (fast, normal, slow release) impoving total absorption (DS)

471 VMS - IMMUN SYSTEM / VITAMIN D - full range of spray, softgel, chewable tablet an other forms (DS)

520 VMS - IRON DEFICIENCY - 3-layer tablet with bisglycinate iron, high absorbable source, no collateral effects (DS)

649 VMS - IRON DEFICIENCY minitabs, capsules or orosluble stick pack with bisglycinate iron range, high absorbable source (DS)

650 VMS - IRON DEFICIENCY - minitabs, capsules or orosluble stick pack

591 VMS - IMMUNE SYSTEM - sachets with special thermoplastic granulate with Zinc, Copper along with ß-Glucans incorporated into a lipidic matrix (DS)

765 VMS/LIFESTYLE - SOFT GUM technology for superior buccal effect, high loading capacity and good taste masking (DS)

826 VMS/LIFESTYLE - IMMUNE SYSTEM - soft-tab with bacillus subtilis to stimulate enyzme production and antimicrobial substances (DS)

825 VMS/LIFESTYLE - MySqueeze - empower your water for more energy, better sleep, mental health or for detoxification (DS)

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